I just came across ScavengerDash.com which looks to be really neat! I’ve seen nationally branded organized events for just about every genre, but until I started really researching scavenger hunt ideas I had never seen a scavenger hunt company with city wide hunts planned for cities all over the country. Now I have, and it looks like a ton of fun!  Here’s a short description of what is involved with scavenger dash, in their own words:

What is Scavenger Dash?

Scavenger Dash is a wildly fun urban adventure.

Teams of two solve twelve clues, scavenge items, take photos, complete fun challenges and have a wild adventure…all while discovering the city in a whole different way. It’s an amazing race on a local level, where anyone can participate.

If you decide to participate in one of their hosted events then I strongly encourage the use of a team costume. The wackier the better! There’s simply nothing like running around town dressed up in an awesome outfit doing outrageous stuff to give you a ton of stuff to laugh about and leave you with a bunch of stories to tell for years to come!

The other thing you’ll probably need to go along with your awesome costumes is some ideas for awesome scavenger hunt team names. You can come up with them yourself or check out that site for some inspiration. Try to find something that fits your team’s personality and ideally also fits with the costumes you’ve chosen (or you can choose the two in reverse order – first a team name and then design costumes). I don’t know what girls above team name was but I’m sure they had a good time coming up with it. I’ll take some guesses: Rainbow Ninja’s (probably not), Somewhere Over the Tutu, Color Us Crazy, Taste the Rainbow… what do you think it might have been?

This looks like a great event to get outside, make some friends, and to have a great time with your existing friends. If you decide to do it let us know about your experience and provide any times for others who may be thinking of doing the same!

As always, happy hunting!