I was recently looking for some fun, inside activities to do with my kids and came across a pretty cool spy scavenger hunt. The list was about 20 items long and includes some photo items, some items that had to be collected, and some items that were “think of x number of items that are related to spies” type items. The variety of the types of items made it fun for the kids to do the search and they had a good time figuring out how a spy would use each item and trying to come up with the most answers. I’ll make a few suggestions of items to add here.

Additional Suggestions for a Spy Scavenger Hunt

A spy name for each team member – This can be fun because each team member has to come up with a cool spy name. It’s not something they have to find, but it is something that they have to think about and it gives them a chance to be creative. You can even add the requirement that at the end of spy scavenger hunt there are bonus points for whoever can match a spy name to another particular player on a different team.

A microphone (smallest one gets bonus points) – Spies are known for taking secret recordings so being able to come up with a microphone on short notice would be a real asset for a spy.

A magnifying glass – You have to search for clues if you’re a good spy. Their list mentioned binoculars that help you see from far away, but we’ve added a magnifying glass to the list for those times when you’re up close and trying to find a clue.

A piece of paper foreign money – Spies need to be able to operate in a foreign country and having access to money is actually very important for success. See if your scavenger hunters can come up with a piece of paper money from a foreign country.

A coin foreign money – Some countries have surprisingly large denominations of money in the form of coins. You probably won’t find any of these in a scavenger hunt, but you can almost certainly find some foreign coinage in a change jar.

A GPS device (any device with GPS will do) – A device that can help you find your way around in an unfamiliar environment is of huge benefit to every spy. The ground their is to cover the more likely you are to need something to help you out with your location. For this item, any gps device will do. This includes most smart phones and tablets, many computers, many cars, car navigation systems, and even some watches. You might be able to find even more.

Something with a secret compartment – The scavenger hunters can get creative with this one. Just about any where you hide something will serve as something with a secret compartment. Examples include make up containers, lipstick / chap stick tube, empty coke can.

A USB Drive – Spies need somewhere to store their data. That, and often their on the hunt for somebody else’s data. Whether it’s government secrets or KFC’s secret chick recipe the spies will probably be needing to either have (for their own use) or be required to find and take possession of a USB drive belonging to someone else.

There you go! We’ve just presented eight more ideas to add to to an already high quality spy scavenger hunt list. I think you will enjoy doing this type of hunt and wish you the best of luck if you decide to organize one. As always, if you have an idea for some scavenger hunt clues, riddles or items please feel free to add them to the comments section.

Happy Hunting!