A graveyard scavenger hunt is one of the cooler hunts that you can be involved with. Cemeteries are often overlooked as a place for a scavenger hunt because of the negative feelings that some people have about them, but to be honest graveyards are some of the neatest places I’ve ever been. Older cemeteries are often full of history just waiting to be uncovered by new generations… just don’t dig too deep – j/k!


So what are some items that you might have on a list for a graveyard scavenger hunt? Well, believe it or not, us being the scavenger hunt idea people, we’ve got some ideas for you! All of these are related to tombstones and markers – no using any currently living people who just happen to be at the graveyard! And kids should be reminded not to actually touch / take any of the items found. Cameras and notes are just fine!

So here goes:

  1. Born on a Holiday (Bonus points for Halloween spookiness)
  2. Died on a Holiday (Bonus points for Halloween spookiness)
  3. Person who lived the longest
  4. Someone who lived over 100 years
  5. An Animal Figure
  6. An angel or angel wings
  7. Oldest Birth Year
  8. Shortest length of life
  9. A Person named after a US President or First Lady
  10. A soldier / military person
  11. A person who is named Freddy, Jason, Chucky
  12. A pastel gravestone (purple, blue, pink)
  13. A person born in the 1700s (only works for older cemetaries)
  14. A couple married more than 50 years
  15. A grave with yellow flowers or yellow in the flowers
  16. A stuffed animal
  17. A living bat or cat within view
  18. Someone born during the civil war (April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865)
  19. A cross shaped tombstone
  20. Someone who was a Firefighter or Police Officer

Those are just a few scavenger hunt ideas for a graveyard scavenger hunt and they’ll hopefully be enough to get you started. It’s sometimes difficult to find all of them which actually makes it a very cool hunt because different people will find different things and be able to share what they found with the others in the group. I wish you lots of luck and fun with your cemetery scavenger hunt and encourage you all to add your own suggestions for items in the comments section or report back on how your own hunt went! Until next time… happy hunting!