Hunt Clues for Your Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt

clues_on_paper_Scavenger hunt clues as well as treasure hunt clues are a key component to a fun hunt. Sometimes these clues can be difficult to come up with yourself, and that’s where we come in! We’ve created and gathered 1000’s of clues for both scavenger hunts and treasure hunts, and we consider ourselves the curator of these types of clues! You can search through our clues collection and when you find one you want to use just copy and paste it into the document of your choice. Once you’ve done that you’ve got your list of clues and you know right where to hide each clue if it’s a treasure hunt or you’ve got your list built if it’s a scavenger hunt! Pretty cool, right!

There are several paths to choose from when using the site. We provide a couple of suggestions here, but you are welcome to meander your way through any way you like!

As you go through the site you’ll find that you can click on clues and then be able to comment on it. Maybe it could be worded better or you have some other suggestions for that clue… feel free to suggest! You can also click on any answer and find more scavenger hunt / treasure hunt clues that also have that same answer. So if you see a clue for a clock and then want to see more clock clues… just click on the word clock and you’ll see other related clues. You can also use the “Answers” link at the top of the page to see a list of all the answers (ie. hiding places and items to find) which allows you to start with a list of items and find clues rather than trying to find both. We try to make this super easy!

Method 1 – Viewing All Hunt Clues

This is the meandering way. Just click on the below link and read through the scavenger hunt clues and treasure hunt clues that you’re presented. You can do this all day! If you’re in a hurry you might try our second method… see below.

Browse the whole collection of scavenger hunt clues / treasure hunt clues

Clue: What has hands but can’t feel?

Answers: clock

Clue: What invention lets you look right through a wall?

Answers: window

Clue: I have a sound that goes beep, and while the time I do keep, my main function is to heat!

Answers: microwave

Clue: What has a tongue that can’t taste, eyes that can’t see and a sole that will never die?

Answers: a shoe

Clue: What has a ring but no finger?

Answers: telephone

Clue: What goes up and down but never moves?

Answers: Stairs

Browse the whole collection of scavenger hunt clues / treasure hunt clues

Method 2 – View Answers to Clues

This is the faster (and more colorful) way to build your hunt. Just take a look at the hunt clues and riddles answers page, pick each item you’re interested in and then use one or more of the clues to describe that position in your hunt! Easy peasy.

Here’s an super small chunk of the answer page to give you some idea of where you’re headed!

All Answers

Share Your Fun Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts Clues

We hope you find this useful!  If you’ve got a suggestion for a clue please feel free to submit it via the clue submission page. We’ll add them to the full site as they are approved. Many of our visitors are looking to create scavenger hunts for kids and we’re family friendly so we screen submissions prior to loading, plus the extra step helps us make sure the content stays top tier!

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